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Here at Mike's Fitness Equipment, we proudly offer the most durable and affordable Conditioning Equipment on the market. Our products stand up to the toughest abuse while being easy on your wallet. You'll find everything you need to dominate the gym here at Mike's Fitness Equipment.

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About Conditioning

The amount of exercise you perform each week adds to your body’s balance and strength. Exercise increases the fitness of the tissue in your body, whether through building muscles, burning fat or increasing the efficiency of your organs.

Muscle Conditioning
The effect on your muscle tissue is one of the main aspects of a body conditioning exercise. Conditioning exercises include some form of movement or resistance training.

As resistance is placed on the muscles, microscopic tears develop in the tissue, activating cells that build up the muscle tissues and conditioning the muscle group for similar exercise movements in the future.

Heart Conditioning
Conditioning exercises aren’t just for the skeletal muscles alone, the heart muscle is also conditioned as well. When you exercise regularly, your body’s need for energy increases.

Plenty of oxygen is needed in your bloodstream for new energy to be created. Your heart beats faster to transport this oxygen, speeding up the delivery of both oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

As with any muscle, the harder the heart muscle works, the stronger it becomes. This increase in strength means the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood through your body.

Lung Conditioning
Conditioning exercises also help strengthen your lungs. In order to supply the bloodstream with the necessary oxygen needed to create energy, the lungs have to inhale and exhale enough oxygen to sustain you during exercise.

When you make conditioning exercises a part of your exercise program, this increases your respiratory rate and helps increase the amount of time you can exert energy without running out of breath. Conditioning exercises also increase the overall health and strength of your lungs.

Conditioning Recommendations
To benefit from body conditioning workouts, you need to exercise regularly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise and at least two days of strength-training exercise each week.

Jogging, swimming, cycling, weight lifting and playing sports are some activities you can do to help condition your body.

At Mike’s Fitness Equipment, we carry a wide assortment of equipment to enhance your Full Body Conditioning workout, for either the entry level fitness enthusiasts or the professional.

We offer Plyo Boxes, Shoe Weights, Speed Ropes and so much more. Giving you the widest selection, best value and most affordable prices on the West Coast. All of our high quality Full Body Conditioning exercise equipment will stand up to the most gruelling workout time after time and keep coming back for more.