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Bumper Plates

We proudly carry a wide selection of bumper plates and accessories at the cheapest prices on the west coast. Our bumper plates are heavy duty and backed by our industry leading warranty. We offer Econo and Crumb Style (similar to Hi-Temp), in addition to our Competition bumper plates.

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About Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are weight lifting plates that are made of hard rubber so that a loaded bar can be safely dropped from above the weightlifter’s head without risk of damaging the plates, the lifting platform or in some cases, the floor.

Bumper plates are available in both pounds and kilograms, and range in the same weight variety as normal cast iron weightlifting and powerlifting plates. Some bumper plates are color coded, by weight, for competition weightlifting, while general purpose bumper plates are usually some are standard black.

There are three basic styles of bumper plates available on the market, they include:

Econo Bumper Plates
Econo bumper plates are the most inexpensive style of bumper plate you can buy. They are mainly used for beginners, or people who want a decent set of bumper plates that offer durability and quality, while remaining affordable.

Colored Econo Bumper Plates
Econo bumper plates are also available in colors as well. Same as the standard econo bumper plates, these plates offer durability, quality and value for the athlete who isn’t planning on using them in competition, but still want the quality and color coding of competitive bumper plates at an affordable price.

Crumb Style Bumper Plates
These are extremely high quality bumper plates. They have an excellent and controlled bounce. They are also the best value in the industry, giving the weightlifter a top quality bumper plate.

Competition Bumper Plates
Just as the name suggests, competition bumper plates are specifically designed for use in competitions. These bumper plates are calibrated to the exact weight and are dimensionally correct, based on the technical regulations dictated by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

Competition bumper plates are usually made with rubber bonded around a solid steel core for reinforcement, resulting in a more compact plate, thus allowing more plates to fit onto the barbell.