Xebex XT3 PLUS Sled

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The Xebex Fitness XT3 PLUS Sled uses 12 total magnets to generate resistance, thereby increasing the top-end resistance of the XT3 PLUS Sled by up to 50%. We recommend choosing the XT3 PLUS Sled if you want the most top-end resistance of any 3-wheeled sled on the market.

Comes with a phone holder that rotates 180 degrees, enabling you to view the display from any direction and use your phone as a display for the apps you'd like to use during training (heart rate display, timer, etc).

The 3-wheel design allows you to train on virtually any surface while keeping noise at a minimum; no more loud metal dragging on concrete or lack of grass/turf to stop you from getting a good workout in.

A magnetic resistance lever fires up the intensity from levels 1 to 8; the harder you push, the greater the resistance.

Space-saving 28" x 24" footprint makes storage convenient when stored upright. Rubber vertical storage bumpers at the contact points provide stability and protection.

Enjoy hassle-free transport as you take your workout anywhere you prefer. At 28 inches wide, the sled fits through standard-size doorways for effortless transport.

Push, pull, or attach a harness to either side of the sled. Attaching a harness to the 2-wheel side provides the best wheel-to-ground contact for the front wheel, engaging the resistance more effectively.

Adjustable handlebar positions allow athletes to perform a variety of exercises and target different muscle groups for more tailored training. Insert the Tri-Handlebar into the base to use the sled as a wheelbarrow and add weight onto the plate sleeve to increase the load.

The included V-strap supports attaching a harness or rope so you can mix up your workouts (harness sold separately).

The sled is coated with anti-UV black powder coat to withstand the elements.

The XT3 Plus Sled resistance uses 12 magnets instead of the 8 found on the original XT3 Sled, resulting in up to 50% more top-end resistance.

A 12-inch plate sleeve with a 2-inch diameter at the center of the sled allows users to load up on standard weight plates for added weight during wheelbarrow exercise and to ensure front tire has enough traction with the ground with the higher levels of resistance.

EXTERIOR FINISH: Anti-UV black powder coat finish
MAX WEIGHT CAPACITY: 385 LBS / 175 KG (not including weight of XT3 Sled) for 3-wheel exercises, such as X-Drive Push
WARRANTY: 10 year frame, 1 year parts
MAINTENANCE: We recommend maintaining tire pressure at 35 PSI to prevent damage and get the most out of the resistance.