Heavy Duty 4' x 16' x 8mm Rubber Flooring Rolls / Mats

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Keep your machine and bench from sliding around and protect your floor!

Made from super durable recycled rubber, this is by far the most popular choice of our customers. The multi speckle does a great job to add a little flare to your gym, in addition to hiding dust & debris to make your gym look much cleaner. This is the same stuff we use in our showroom!

Sold in a 4' x 16' x 8mm Roll, which allows you to chop in half, put both pieces together, and make a perfect 8' x 8' square, which is perfect for any home gym/rack setup.

Need more space? Get 2 rolls and make an area 8' x 16'. Or, trim to whatever space you need with a simple box cutter or razor blade.

8mm thick to withstand even the most abusive environments. This is the same thickness of flooring in most of the major commercial gym chains.