The Wright Bar 20kg Next Gen Bearing Bar (Made in USA)

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The Wright Bar 20kg Next Generation Bearing Bar is MADE IN USA by Diamond Pro for Wright Equipment.


Compare to "The Rogue Bar".

- 20 Kilogram Weight (44lbs).

- Collar Spec: 17.5” w/1” shoulder for maximum load. 

- Snap Ring Assembly with Industrial Bronze Bushings. 

- Shaft: 205k tensile 28mm, this bar has perfect amount of whip. 

- Knurling: IWF and Power Lifting knurl markings (all knurls are inspected with calibrated equipment). 

- Assembly: Snap Ring Assembly with Industrial Bearings for best spin.

- 86" Long, 51.5" Inside-To-Inside Measurement.

Capacity: 1200lbs