Wright AMP Premium Bumper Plates - MADE IN USA

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All sizes in stock & ready for pickup immediately!

MADE IN USA, and INSANE HIGH QUALITY for the toughest environments!

Wright AMP Premium Bumper Plates are Made In USA by Diamond Pro!

These Bumper Plates are the latest in manufacturing technology designed to be one of the most durable Bumpers on the market! Designed to be tougher than traditional Crumb Style Bumper Plates, with a more refined finish to allow more plates to fit on the bar.

Wright AMP Bumper Plates have a fresh new and improved look with a smoother finish and the same great durability. Wright Equipment is the largest manufacturer of USA made bumper plates in the country, producing over 17 million pounds of bumper plates for Americans just in 2020 alone, including our U.S. Army.

All plates are a true 450 mm diameter with a 2" stainless steel center insert shaped to the bumper to properly distribute the force of the bar when dropped. Weighing within +/- 0.5LB of the stated weight. Each batch of 45, 35, 25lb Bumper Plates are tested to exceed 20,000 drops from 6 feet. 15lb and 10lb are tested to 7,000 drops. A dead bounce Bumper Plate also allows for low noise workout. These best-selling bumper plates will be the best investment for your box or home gym, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sold in pairs.
Low/minimal Bounce.
Low to no odor.
Recycled rubber material.
Fitted stainless 50mm steel insert.
450mm (17.7165 inches) outside diameter.
2% +/- Weight Tolerance.
Warranty: 3-year warranty on the 45, 35, 25. 180 day on the 10 and 15.

45LB Plate Width: 3.00"
35LB Plate Width: 2.50"
25LB Plate Width: 1.75"
15LB Plate Width: 1.50"
10LB Plate Width: 1.25"

* Compare to the Rogue US-MIL Spec Bumper V2 *

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