Marcy SM-4903 Smith Machine Cage System

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Use the Marcy Pro Smith Machine SM-4903 to safely do smith machine squats and other power rack / squat rack exercises. Add resistance bands to amp up your workout and improve your form. The upper and lower dual cable crossovers utilize two pulley systems, allowing you to balance your workout properly.

The pull-up bar and dip station allow you to use your body weight to workout your upper body. The adjustable bench can be used with the smith machine for chest presses and various degrees of bench pressing. You can also pull the bench away from the Smith Machine / Rack and use free weights to target even more muscle groups.

- 3-in-1 total body training system packed into a 2-piece compact design
- Heavy-duty tubular steel construction with durable powder-coated finish
- Adjustable Smith bar catches and Olympic safety stoppers
- Dual overhead pulley system allows for cable cross exercise
- Weight bench finished with high-density deluxe boxed upholstery

Cage assembled dimensions: 86"L x 73"W x 85"H

Bench assembled dimensions: 48"L x 27"W x 49"H

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